Huevos Rancheros     
Tortillas, Refried Beans, Tomato, Two Eggs(OM),  Cheese, Salsa, Avocado, Jalapenos, Olives, green Onions & Sour Cream. Choice of toast or tortillas.

Breakfast Burrito         
Cheese, Beans, Scrambled Eggs, Sour Cream, 
Salsa & Avocado Wrapped in a Flour Tortillias

Super Browns
Breakfast Potatoes Topped with Cheddar Cheese, Jack,  Avocado, Sour Cream, Mushrooms & Green Onion.    With Chicken or Steak, add  $2.00

On the Lighter Side

Oatmeal, Plain         
"Built" Oatmeal       
  Oats Topped with Granola, Bananas,
   Raisins, Brown Sugar, Nuts & Butter
Oatmeal Combo      
    Plain Oatmeal served with
   One Poached Egg & One Pancake
Fruit Bowl                
Eggs Benedict               
Grilled Cheese Muffin, HAM, Cheese & Two Eggs (OM), Covered with Your Choice of Gravy or Hollandaise Sauce
Eggs Florentine             
Grilled Cheese Muffin, SPINACH, Cheese & Two Eggs (OM), Covered with Your Choice of Gravy or Hollandaise Sauce
Breakfast Sandwich
Fried Egg & Cheese on a grilled Bun with Mayo, Lettuce and Tomato.
Pancakes & French Toast   

Short Stack  (2)               
Add .50 cents for Blueberries,
or Bananas

Tall Stack  (4)                   
Add .50 cents for Blueberries,
or Bananas

Side of One Pancake     
Add .50 cents for Blueberries,
or Bananas

Blue Stack                       
Three Blueberry Pancakes

Banana Stack                 
Three Banana Pancakes

French Toast                  
Made with Your Choice of Egg Bread,
Raisin Bread, or Whole Wheat Bread

  Two-Two-Two Special
Two Eggs any Style
Two Bacon or Two Sausage
Two Cakes or Two French Toast

Angel’s Specials 
 Served with Breakfast Potatoes       

Coffee & Decaf
- (free refills)     
Hot Cocoa                                   
Hot Tea - (regular or herbal)        
Ice Tea - (free refills)                    
Coke - (free refills)                         
Diet Coke - (free refills)                 
Power Aid - (free refills)               
Sprite  - (free Refills)                    
Chocolate Milk                           
V-8 Tomato Juice                          

Fresh Squeezed Juices     
Orange Juice, Apple Juice, or Grapefruit

Juice small(12 oz.)     Large(16 oz.)  
Kid's Menu                        10 & under, dine in only        
Choice of A, B or C

A-  Egg
B-  Pancake (1 reg)
B-  French Toast (1)    

Includes choice of:
Bacon (1) or Sausage (1)
Breakfast Potato's or Fresh Fruit

Includes:  Fruit Punch, lemonade,Soft Drink or Milk


Egg Heaven Cafe
Est. 1970

4358 East 4th St.  Long Beach, CA 90814   (562) 433-9277
(4th  &  Ximeno Ave)

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On the Side

One Egg - (any style)                
Two Eggs - (any style)              
Sausage or Bacon  (4)             
Veggie Patty                              
Burger Patty or Ham Steak     
Breakfast Potatoes                  
Cottage Cheese                       
Scoop of Tuna                         
Toast or English Muffin          
Bagel & Cream Cheese          
Biscuits & Gravy                     
Tortillas - (corn or flour)           
French Fries                            
Chili Cheese Fries                  
Bowl of Homemade Chili        
 With Cheese & Onions