Vegetarian Exotic          
Filled with Lentils, Rice, Cottage Cheese,   American Cheese, then  Topped with  Sour Cream & Ortega Chilies!!

Greek Gourmet              
Artichoke Hearts, Mushrooms, Tomato, Jack & Cheddar Cheese.

Swiss Cheese, Black Olives,  Sour cream & Green Onions.
Veggie Omelettes
San Felipe                   
Ortega Chile, Jack Cheese, Avocado,  Salsa & Sour Cream

Brutus Omelette         
Jack, Spinach, Tomato & Mushroom

Vegetarian Chorizo
Scrambled with Eggs
Cheese, Ham, Bell Pepper &   Red Onion.

Avocado, Jack, Spicy Mexican Meat
Sauce, Sour Cream & Red Onions

Jack, Sausage & Mushroom

Corn Beef Hash, Bacon & Cheddar

St. Patrick
Potatoes, Cheddar, Bacon with 
Mustard on Request

Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Cheese,
Mushrooms, Avocado, Bell Peppers,
Green Onions & Sour Cream

All American
Jack & Cheddar Cheeses, Real Turkey
Breast, Tomato & Avocado

Ham, Bacon, Sausage, Jack &  Cheddar, Bell Peppers, Green  Onion & Sour Cream

Spruce Goose
Jack, Spicy Ground Meat Sauce,
Sour Cream, Green Onions &  Tomato

A B C                            
Avocado, Bacon & Cheddar


with Breakfast Potatoes                     

with Bacon or  Sausage                                    
with Ham or Burger Patty                   
with Corned Beef Hash                      
with Italian Sausage                           
with One Delicious Pork Chop           
with Two Delicious Pork Chops      
with a Huge Sirloin Steak                 


Chorizo Scramble             
Sauteed Beef Chorizo & Eggs

Hangover Helper             
Mushrooms, Tomato, Cheese &

Farmer's Scramble          
Scrambled Eggs, Diced Ham &
Cheddar Cheese

 Fiesta Scramble               
Scrambled Eggs with Spicy Ground 
Beef, Salsa,Green Onions, tomato &
Cheddar Cheese

Country Breakfast           
Poached Eggs on Top of
Corned BeefHash and 
Covered with Gravy

Turkey Scramble               
With Jack Cheese

Egg Heaven Cafe
Est. 1970

4358 East 4th St.  Long Beach, CA 90814   (562) 433-9277
(4th  &  Ximeno Ave)

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Good Morning 

                   All omelettes below are served with Breakfast Potatoes and Your 
                  Choice of Toast or Tortillas.Bagel with Cream Cheese or
                  Biscuits & Gravy may be substituted for toast or tortillas for 2.00
                  All Omelettes May be Substituted with Egg Beaters or Egg Whites or 2.50
                 Super Browns may be Substituted for Breakfast Potatoes for 3.00
 Heavenly Omelettes 

New Englander
A Combo of Top Sirloin Steak and a variety of Mixed Vegetables over a  Cheddar Cheese Omelette

Try this One!  Italian Sausage, Bell  Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms, Chilies  & Topped with American Cheese

Chili ‘n Cheese          
Outstanding Homemade Chili,
Onions on request

   Back by Popular Demand!
Filled with Lentils, Rice, Cottage Cheese & American Cheese, and Ham.  Topped  with Sour Cream and Ortega Chilies!!

Chunks of Top Sirloin, Ortega Chilies & Cheddar.  Topped with Spicy   Mexican Meat Sauce

Chicken Teriyaki    
Grilled Chicken Strips with Spinach  & Jack Cheese

Ham ‘n Cheese   
Bacon ‘n Cheese           
Sausage ‘n Cheese       

Jack & Cheddar Combo

Spinach & Jack Cheese

The Veggie
Tomato, Jack, Cheddar, Mushrooms,   Avocado, Green Onions & Sour Cream

Queen Maria
Jack, Cheddar, Cream Cheese, Tomato  Mushrooms,Sour Cream & a Touch   of Garlic & Worchestershire sauce

The Mediterranean    
Spinach, Tomatoes, Black Olives
And Feta Cheese